European Journal of Mineralogy

Volume 29 Number 2

Xiaoyu Sun, Patrick Cordier, Vincent Taupin, Claude Fressengeas, Bijaya Karki: Continuous description of grain boundaries using crystal defect fields: the example of a {310}/[001] tilt boundary in MgO

Bailey L. Mueller, David M. Jenkins, M. Darby Dyar: Chlorine incorporation in amphiboles synthesized along the magnesio-hastingsite - hastingsite compositional join

Pierre Lanari, Francesco Giuntoli, Chloé Loury, Marco Burn, Martin Engi: An inverse modeling approach to obtain P-T conditions of metamorphic stages involving garnet growth and resorption

Etienne Balan, Marc Blanchard, Michele Lazzeri, Jannick Ingrin: Theoretical Raman spectrum and anharmonicity of tetrahedral OH defects in hydrous forsterite

Samantha Azevedo, Massimo Nespolo: Twinning in olivine group revisited

Azzurra Zucchini, Mauro Prencipe, Donato Belmonte, Paola Comodi: Ab initio study of the dolomite to dolomite-II high-pressure phase transition

Martin Kutzschbach, Bernd Wunder, Anette Meixner, Richard Wirth, Wilhelm Heinrich, Gerhard Franz: Jeremejevite as a precursor for synthetic olenitic tourmaline: consequences of non-classical crystallization pathways for composition, textures and B isotope patterns of tourmaline

Martina Lensing-Burgdorf, Anke Watenphul, Jochen Schlüter, Boriana Mihailova: Crystal chemistry of tourmalines from the Erongo Mountains, Namibia, studied by Raman spectroscopy

Marina Charykova, Maxim Lelet, Vladimir Krivovichev, Natalya Ivanova, Evgeny Suleimanov: A calorimetric and thermodynamic investigation of the synthetic analogue of chalcomenite, CuSeO3⋅2H2O

Cristian Biagioni, Luca Bindi: Ordered distribution of Cu and Ag in the crystal structure of balkanite, Cu9Ag5HgS8

Oriol Vallcorba, Lluis Casas, Fernando Colombo, Carlos Frontera, Jordi Rius: First terrestrial occurrence of the complex phosphate chladniite: crystal-structure refinement by synchrotron through-the-substrate microdiffraction

Taras Panikorovskii, Vladimir Shilovskikh, Evgenia Avdontseva, Andrey Zolotarev, Igor Pekov, Sergey Britvin, Ulf Hålenius, Sergey Krivovichev: Cyprine, Ca19Cu2+(Al,Mg,Mn)12Si18O68(OH)10, a new vesuvianite-group mineral from the Wessels mine, South Africa

Stuart J. Mills, Andrew G. Christy, Mike S. Rumsey, John Spratt, Erica Bittarello, Georges Favreau, Marco E. Ciriotti, Christian Berbain: Hydroxyferroromeite, a new secondary weathering mineral from Oms, France

Anthony R. Kampf, Ian E. Grey, Pedro Alves, Stuart J. Mills, Barbara P. Nash, Colin M. MacRae, Erich Keck: Zincostrunzite, ZnFe3+2(PO4)2(OH)2.6.5H2O, a new mineral from the Sitio do Castelo mine, Portugal, and the Hagendorf-Süd pegmatite, Germany

Igor V. Pekov, Natalia V. Zubkova, Atali A. Agakhanov, Vasiliy O. Yapaskurt, Nikita V. Chukanov, Dmitry I. Belakovskiy, Evgeny G. Sidorov, Dmitry Y. Pushcharovsky: Dravertite, CuMg(SO4)2, a new mineral species from the Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka, Russia

Xiangkun Ge, Guang Fan, Guowu Li, Ganfu Shen, Zhangru Chen, Yujie Ai: Mianningite, (□,Pb,Ce,Na) (U4+,Mn,U6+) Fe3+2(Ti,Fe3+)18O38, a new member of the crichtonite group from Maoniuping REE deposit, Mianning county, northwest Sichuan, China

Shufang Nie, Yang Liu, Qiong Liu, Meili Wang, Hejin Wang: Phase transitions and thermal expansion of BaCO3 and SrCO3 up to 1413 K

Ulf Hålenius, Frédéric Hatert, Marco Pasero, Stuart J. Mills: IMA CNMNC Newsletter No. 36 - New minerals and nomenclature modifications approved in 2016 and 2017

Rainer Altherr, Christian Soder, Hans-Peter Meyer, Thomas Ludwig, Marcel Böhm: Ardennite within a high-P/T metamorphic conglomerate near Vitoliste in the westernmost Vardar zone, Republic of Macedonia

Etienne Balan, Julie Aufort, Sophie Pouillé, Marie Dabos, Marc Blanchard, Michele Lazzeri, Claire Rollion-Bard, Dominique Blamart: Infrared spectroscopic study of sulfate-bearing calcite from deep-sea bamboo coral

Boris Chauviré, Benjamin Rondeau, Nicolas Mangold: Near Infrared signature of opal and chalcedony as a proxy for their structure and formation conditions

Ferdinando Bosi, Fernando Camará, Marco E. Ciriotti, Ulf Hålenius, Leonid Reznitskii, Vincenzo Stagno: Crystal-chemical relations and classification problems in tourmalines belonging to the oxy-schorl – oxy-dravite – bosiite – povondraite series

Ferdinando Bosi, Leonid Reznitskii, Ulf Hålenius, Henrik Skogby: Crystal chemistry of Al-V-Cr oxy-tourmalines from the Sludyanka complex, Lake Baikal, Russia

Marta Berkesi, Reka Kaldos, Munjae Park, Csaba Szabo, Tamas Vaczi, Kalman Török, Bianca Nemeth, György Czuppon: Detection of small amounts of N2 in CO2-rich high-density fluid inclusions in mantle xenoliths

Pavel Škácha, Jiří Sejkora, Jakub Plášil: Příbramite, CuSbSe2, the Se-analogue of chalcostibite, a new mineral from Příbram, Czech Republic

Stuart J. Mills, Andrew G. Christy, Anthony R. Kampf, William D. Birch, Anatoly Kasatkin: Hydroxykenoelsmoréite, the first new mineral from the Republic of Burundi

Oleg I. Siidra, Evgenii V. Nazarchuk, Anatoly N. Zaitsev, Evgeniya A. Lukina, Evgeniya Y. Avdontseva, Lidiya P. Vergasova, Natalia S. Vlasenko, Stanislav K. Filatov, Rick Turner, Gennady A. Karpov: Copper oxosulphates from fumaroles of Tolbachik Vulcano: puninite, Na2Cu3O(SO4)3 - a new mineral species and structure refinements of kamchatkite and alumoklyuchevskite

Luis M. Alva-Valdivia, Ann Cyphers, Maria de la Luz Rivas-Sanchez, Amar Agarwal, Judith Zurita-Noguera, Jaime Urrutia-Fucugauchi: Mineralogical and magnetic characterization of Olmec ilmenite multi-perforated artifacts and inferences on source provenance

Luca Bindi, Werner H. Paar: Jaszczakite, [(Bi,Pb)3S3][AuS2], a new mineral species from Nagybörzsöny, Hungary

Stuart J. Mills, Anthony R. Kampf, Fabrizio Nestola, Peter A. Williams, Peter Leverett, Leila Hejazi, David E. Hibbs, Maria Mrorsko, Matteo Alvaro, Anatoly V. Kasatkin: Wampenite, C18H16, a new organic mineral from the fossil conifer locality at Wampen, Bavaria, Germany

Thierry Augé, Guillaume Morin, Laurent Bailly, Todor Serafimovsky: Platinum-group minerals in chromitite occurrences from Macedonian ophiolites

Paolo Orlandi, Cristian Biagioni, Elena Bonaccorsi, Yves Moëlo, Werner H. Paar: Lead-antimony sulfosalts from Tuscany (Italy). XXI. Bernarlottiite, Pb12(As10Sb6)Σ=16S36, a new N = 3.5 member of the sartorite homologous series from the Ceragiola marble quarry: occurrence and crystal structure

Fabrice Dal Bo, Frédéric Hatert, Simon Philippo: A new uranyl phosphate sheet in the crystal structure of furongite

Delia-Georgeta Dumitras: A re-investigation of ardealite from the type locality, the "dry" Cioclovina Cave 1 (Sureanu Mountains, Romania)

Marino Maggetti, Antoine d'Albis: Phase and compositional analysis of a Sèvres soft paste porcelain plate from 1781, with a review of early porcelain techniques

Dan Topa, Emil Makovicky, Berthold Stoeger, Chris Stanley: Heptasartorite, Tl7Pb22As55S108, enneasartorite, Tl6Pb32As70S140, and hendekasartorite, Tl2Pb48As82S172, three members of the anion-omission series of ’sartorites’ from the Lengenbach quarry at Binntal, Wallis, Switzerland

Yael Bronstein, Philippe Depondt, Fabio Finocchi: Thermal and nuclear quantum effects in the hydrogen bond dynamical symmetrization phase transition of δ-AlOOH

Jordi Ibanez-Insa, Jose J. Elvira, Xavier Llovet, Jordi Perez-Cano, Nuria Oriols, Marti Busquets-Maso, Sergi Hernandez: Abellaite, NaPb2(CO3)2(OH), a new supergene mineral from the Eureka mine, Lleida province, Catalonia, Spain

Massimo Nespolo, Kenza Bouznari: Modularity of crystal structures: a unifying model for the biopyribole-palysepiole series

Dan Holtstam, Luca Bindi, Ulf Hålenius, Ulf Bertil Andersson: Delhuyarite-(Ce) - Ce4Mg(Fe3+2W)□(Si2O7)2O6(OH)2 - a new mineral of the chevkinite group, from the Nya Bastnäs Fe-Cu-REE deposit, Sweden

Anthony R. Kampf, Cristina Carbone, Donato Belmonte, Barbara P. Nash, Luigi Chiappino, Fabrizio Castellaro: Alpeite, Ca4Mn3+2Al2(Mn3+Mg)(SiO4)2(Si3O10)(V5+O4)(OH)6, a new ardennite-group mineral from Italy

Dan Topa, Uwe Kolitsch, Emil Makovicky, Chris Stanley: Écrinsite, AgTl3Pb4As11Sb9S36, a new thallium-rich homeotype of baumhauerite from the Jas Roux sulfosalt deposit, Parc National des Écrins, Hautes-Alpes, France

Roberta Di Febo, Judit Molera, Trinitat Pradell, Oriol Vallcorba, Joan Carles Melgarejo, Claudio Capelli: Thin-section petrography and SR-µXRD for the identification of micro-crystallites in the brown decorations of ceramic lead glazes

Federica Zaccarini, Krishnakanta A. Singh, Giorgio Garuti, Manvalan Zsatyanarayanan: Platinum group minerals (PGM) in the chromitites from the Nuasahi massif, eastern India: further findings and implications for their origin

Sven Karup-Møller and John Rose-Hansen: Alteration of steenstrupine-(Ce) from the Ilímaussaq alkaline complex, South Greenland

Peter Bačík, Ritsuro Miyawaki, Daniel Atencio, Fernando Cámara, Jana Fridrichová: Nomenclature of the gadolinite supergroup

Emil Makovicky, Sven Karup-Møller: Exploratory studies Of the Cu-Pd-Se system from 300 to 650 °C