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Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie publishes peer-reviewed papers (15 to 40 manuscript pages) on all fields of palaeontology, sedimentology, stratigraphy, general and applied geology, geodynamics.
New scientific findings and thorough detailed studies are emerging at an ever increasing rate. All papers will therefore be published with the least possible delay within about 6-8 months after having been accepted by the Editor in charge.

Submission of papers

Please send an electronic version of the manuscript (see illustrations and data format page 2) to the editor's addresses.
You are kindly asked to include phone, fax and email addresses.

Submission of a manuscript for publication in the Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie is considered binding assurance that this work has not been and will not be published elsewhere in this form and length.
Page charges are not expected for regular papers.


With acceptance and publication of a manuscript the exclusive copyright for every language and country is transferred to the publishers. The copyright covers the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article including reprints, microfilm data files or any other reproduction and translations.

Manuscript Structure: Manuscripts of 15 to 40 manuscript pages should be written in English, exceptionally in German or French. If manuscripts exceed 25 printed pages please contact the editor prior to submission. Manuscripts must be ready for printing. This means prepared by a word processor or typewritten with double spaced lines on one side of the paper and paginated. To avoid confusion with spacing, block text and right justification should be avoided.
Authors not very familiar with the English language are kindly requested to send their papers to colleagues with English as a mother tongue for corrections before submission.

Please structure the manuscripts in the following way:
Title page, abstract, a corresponding "Zusammenfassung" for papers in German, a résumé for French articles, key words, text, acknowledgements, references, tables, figure captions and figures.
The title page contains title, name of authors with first name given in full. Non English language papers must contain an English translation of the title and the captions.
A short English abstract and a corresponding "Zusammenfassung" or résumé is placed after the title.
At the end of the abstract the authors should propose up to ten key words.

The text preferably written by MS-Word for Windows (please indicate software version), all fonts embedded. Authors' names should be written in SMALL CAPS, names of species and genera in italics. Please use boldface for volume numbers in references.


All figures and tables must be submitted on separate pages with only one item per page and, if ever possible as electronic files (Windows, PC). The name of the author together with the figure number must be written on the reverse side of each figure page. For every figure short and precise legends (headline/footnote) have to be included. The top of a figure must be indicated. Figures and tables should have a line weight and lettering suitable for reduction to the type area of 16,5 x 22,5 cm or less. The position of figures in the text should be indicated.

Photographs should be sharp and of high contrast. Do not use colour or lead pencils.
Pixel-based lineart figures must be supplied in tif or eps format at a resolution not less than 600 dpi.

Electronically submitted halftones and photographs must be provided at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Please be sure that in eps files all fonts are embedded. Please avoid CorelDraw file formats.

Colour charges: Each printed colour page will charged with € 34.90 + taxes. This includes colour in the online version of the article.

Citations in the manuscript

Citation in the manuscript shouldbe made in the following manner: (AUTHOR 1981, AUTHOR & COAUTHOR 2001, AUTHOR et al. 1998)

Literature references

List all literature cited in the text and arrange each reference alphabetically by authors in the following order: Journals: AUTHOR'S NAME (IN SMALL CAPS), year of publication (in brackets): title.- Journal, volume/number (bold-faced): number of pages. Books: AUTHOR'S NAME (IN SMALL CAPS), year of publication (in brackets): title.- Number of pages, figures and tables; place of publication, publishing house (in brackets). Edited Books: AUTHOR'S NAME (IN SMALL CAPS), year of publication (in brackets): title.- In: (Ed.) or (Eds): name of book. Number of pages; place of publication, publishing house (in brackets).

Please write out the full title of the journal.


FLÜGEL, E. & HÖTZL, H. (1966): Hydrozoen aus dem Ober-Jura der Hesperischen Ketten (Ost-Spanien). – Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, Abhandlungen, 124: 103-117.
GWINNER, M.P. (1971): Geologie der Alpen. Stratigraphie, Paläogeographie, Tektonik. – VIII + 477 pp; Stuttgart (E. Schweizerbart).
MINNERY, G.A., REZAK, R. & BRIGHT, T.J. (1985): Depth zonation and growth form of crustose coralline algae: Flower Garden Banks, northwestern Gulf of Mexico. – In: TOOMEY, D.F. & NITECKI M.H. (Eds): Paleoalgology Contemporary Research and Applications. 237-246; Berlin (Springer).


After acceptance of their papers, authors (the first-named author for multi-author papers) will receive page proofs prior to final printing. Author's corrections in proof must not exceed 1 % of type setting costs; otherwise the author will be charged for additional costs. In cases where the author is unable to make the corrections, he should appoint a representative responsible for this.

Online access for all subscribers

Beginning in 2007, the Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie is available online through Ingenta. Articles are included in the CrossRef Services which allow direct access to referenced papers (published in this or other journals which are available online). Conversely, papers in other journals are able to reference papers published in Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie by placing direct reference links. Please contact Ingenta.

Open Access

For regular papers authors or sponsors can purchase an optional Open Access license (Creative commons CC-BY-NC). For details please contact the publishers.


Corresponding authors of an article will receive a pdf-file for personal use only. Personal use implies: No publication on private or other websites (self storage, repositories); No distribution in newsgroups or mailing lists etc. Printed author’s reprints are only available on demand and against costs when ordered prior to the printing process. Please contact the publishers together with the final corrections.