Original paper

Kozlowskia (Productidina, Brachiopoda) from late Bashkirian/early Moscovian (Pennsylvanian), Cantabrian Mountains (N Spain)

Chacón, M. Luisa Martínez; Winkler Prins, Cor F.


The cosmopolitan genus Kozlowskia is frequently found in the Pennsylvanian of the Can- tabrian Mountains, where numerous species have been described or cited from the Bashkirian to the Kasimovian. In studying the productids from the Bashkirian/Moscovian boundary we have rec- ognized seven distinct species, which are described and discussed in this paper. Some of them are already known, Kozlowskia bediae, K. barroisi, K. cf. postsetosa; one is new, K. latorensis sp. nov., and three others are probably also new but left for the moment in open nomenclature, Kozlowskia sp. 1, Kozlowskia sp. 2 and Kozlowskia sp. 3. The studied specimens come from carbonate rocks in the upper part of the Valdeteja Formation and from the limestones of the San Emiliano Formation, late Bashkirian in age; and from the Cuera Limestones of late Bashkirian/early Moscovian age. The systematic position at family level of the genus Kozlowskia and the Tribe Kozlowskiini are discussed. K. latorensis sp. nov. is distinguished from other species of the same genus by its small size, rounded outline, deep corpus cavity, strongly curved profile with a large trail with low and wide folds in its an- terior part, and absence of a median sulcus. These Cantabrian species are the oldest known in Europe.


bashkirianbrachiopodscantabrian mountainskozlowskiamoscoviannew speciesspain