Progress and problems in lichenology in the eighties

Proceedings of an international symposium held at the University of Münster, 16.-21.3. 1986

Ed.: Elisabeth Peveling

1987. XV, 497 pages, 14x22cm, 1100 g
Language: English

(Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 25)

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The contributions presented during the International Symposium held at the University of Münster in March 1986 have just been published as volume 25 of the series "Bibliotheca Lichenologica". Most of the oral and poster presentations are included in this volume of 498 pages.

The contributions have been arranged in five chapters. The first, entitled "Developmental Morphology and Ultrastructure", is concerned with general morphology of lichen thalli and the problems of symbionts and their resynthesis. Reproductive strategies and structures and electron-microscopical descriptions of certain symbiontic structures are also included. The second chapter, "Biology and Taxonomy of Genera and Specific Groups", deals with morphology, ecology and classification of some interesting and new lichen taxa. The third chapter, "Ecophysiology", covers photosynthesis and water relation ships in lichens of different habitats and the occurrence of mineral elements in lichen thalli. The "Ecology and Distribution" chapter summarizes the contributions on certain groups of lichens occurring in the Southern Hemisphere and Europe. The concluding chapter "Chemotaxonomy" deals with the identification of lichen substances and their value in classification.

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Preface III
List of contributors and participants V
Peveling, E.: Lichenology and Lichenologists in Westphalia 1
Developmental Morphology and Ultrastructure
Jahns, H.M.: New trends in developmental morphology of the thallus 17
Poelt, J.: On reductions of morphological structures in lichens 35
Ahmadjian, V. & Jacobs, J.B.: Studies on the development of synthetic
lichens 47

Honegger, R.: Questions about pattern formation in the algal layer of
lichens with stratified (heteromerous) thalli 59
Gärtner, G. & Ingolic, E.: Additional observations on cytology and
reproduction processes of the lichen alga Trebouxia 73
Steffens, A.: The occurrence of epiphytes on Picea excelsa (CV) in the
area of Münster (Westfalen) 77
Ott, S.: Reproductive strategies in lichens 81
Friedl, T.: Aspects of tballus development in the parasitic lichen
Diploschistes muscorum 95
Clerc, P.: On the morphology of soralia in the genus Usnea 99
Henssen, A. & Dobelmann, A.: Development of the spongiostratum
in Anzia and Pannoparmelia 103
Boissiere, M.C.: Ultrastructural evidence for polyglucosidic reserves
in Nostoc cells in Peltigera and Collema and the effect of thallus
hydratation 109
Boissiere, J.C.: Ultrastructural relationship between the composition
and the structure of the cell wall of the mycobiont of two lichens 117
Schlarmann, G.: Cytochemical investigations in cell walls of two
ascomycetous mycobionts 133
Bellemere, A. & Letrouit-Galinou, M.-A.: Differentiation of lichen
asci including dehiscence and sporogenesis: an ultrastructual survey 137
Yamamoto, Y., Yoshimura, I. & Yamada, Y.: Cultures of Usneaceae
species and growth factors in their cultured tissues 163
Ascaso, C., Rapsch, S. & Brown, D.H.: Effect of fixation solutions
on the ultrastructure of lichen symbionts 167
Biology and Taxonomy of Genera and Specific Groups
Kärnefelt, I. & Mattsson, J.-E.: Morphological characteristics and
affinities of the genus Cornicalaria 171
Yoshimura, I.: Taxonomy and speciation of Anzia and Pannoparmelia 185
Ruoss, E.: Species differentiation in a group of reindeer lichens
(Cladonia subg. Cladina) 197
Mattsson, J.-E.: Zeorin in Cetraria pinastri from an unusual
habitat 207
Büdel, B.: Taxonomy and biology of the lichen genus Peltula Nyl 209
Hertel, H.: Progress and problems in taxonomy of Antarctic saxicolous
lecideoid lichens 219
Timdal, E.: Problems of generic delimitation among squamiform
members of the Lecideaceae 243
Aguirre, B. & Hawksworth, D.L.: The circumscription, biology, and
relationships of the genus Leptorhaphis Körber 249
Henssen, A.: Lichenothelia, a genus of microfungi on rocks 257
Kappen, L., Bölter, M. & Kühn, A.: Photosynthetic activities of
lichens in natural habitats in the maritime Antarctic 297
Nash III, T.H., Kappen, L., Lösch, R., Matthes-Sears, U. & Larson,
D.W.: Cold resistance of lichens 313
Feige, G.B. & Jensen, M.: Photosynthetic properties of lichens stored
at -25°C for several years 319
Jensen, M. & Feige, G.B.: The effect of desiccation and light on the
77K chlorophyll fluorescence properties of the lichen Peltigera
aphthosa 325
Velly, P. & Leclerc, J.-C.: Variations in photosynthetic parameters
and fluorescence patterns in Peltigera proetextata and Peltigera
canina. 331
von Arb, C.: Photosynthesis and chlorophyll content of the lichen
Parmelia sulcata Taylor from locations with different levels of air
pollution 343
Wirth, V.: The influence of water relations on lichen SO2-resistance 347
Larson, D.W.: The absorption and release of water by lichens 351
Brown, D.H.: The location of mineral elements in lichens; implications
for metabolism 361
Ecology and Distribution
Krog, H.: Altitudinal zonation of tropical lichens 379
Galloway, D.J.: Austral lichen genera: some biogeographical problems 385

Almborn, O.: Lichens at high altitude in Southern Africa 401
Ahti, T.: Endemism among Cladoniaceae in the Table Mountains of
the Guayana Highland, Venezuela 419
Stenroos, S.: Studies on the genus Cladonia sect. Cocciferoe in Papua
New Guinea and the adjacent regions 421
Vitikainen, O.: Distribution patterns of European Peltigera 423
Fröberg, L.: A floristic study of calcicolous lichens on the Great Alvar
of Öland, Sweden 427
Oksanen, J.: Ecology of the taxa of Cladonia chlorophaea aggr. on
the south coast of Finland 429
Manrique, E. & Sancho, L.G.: Ecological discrimination of Hypogymnia
atrofasca and H. intestinilormis in Sistema Centrai (Spain) 433

Kilias, H.: Protein characters as a taxonomic tool in lichen
systematics 445
Huovinen, K.: A standard HPLC method for the analyses of aromatic
lichen compounds 457
Geyer, M. & Feige, G.B.: Analysis of depsides, depsidones, and other
lichen specific aromatics by high performance liquid chromatography 467
Titze, A.: Sekikaic acid methyl ester found in Protousnea (Mot.)
Krog 469
Tabacchi, R. & Tsoupras, G.: The chemical composition of Letharia
vulpina (L.) Hue 475
Subject index 481
Taxonomic index 486