About us

E. Schweizerbart and its affiliate company Gebr. Borntraeger publish and distribute printed and electronic scholarly journals, book series and monographs. We are privately owned and operated by scientists, independent, and we do provide all services related to publishing and marketing scientific content worldwide in print and electronic form.

Schweizerbart Science Publishers was founded by Emanuel Schweizerbart in 1826 as a publishing house with an emphasis on historical works. Shortly after its foundation, the program changed and Schweizerbart concentrated on publishing scholarly journals and books in the sciences, mainly Earth and environmental sciences, aquatic ecology, anthropology, medicine, zoology and plant science. Today, Schweizerbart publishes many scholarly journals, periodicals, series, books and monographs in the Earth and environmental Sciences, aquatic ecology, botany, anthropology and zoology.
Gebr. Borntraeger publishers were founded by J. Nicolovius in Königsberg, Prussia in 1790. It has an active program in the Earth and environmental sciences. Later headquartered in Berlin, Gebr. Borntraeger became an affiliate company of E. Schweizerbart in 1968, moving its operation to Stuttgart.
In 1986, Gebr. Borntraeger acquired the botanical books, periodicals and series of renowned J. Cramer publishing house in Lehre. J. Cramers botanical periodicals, books and series are actively pursued and extended under the J. Cramer imprint of Gebr. Borntraeger, among them Dissertationes Botanicae, Bibliotheca Phycologica and many others.