Anthropologischer Anzeiger (AA, ISSN 0003-5548, e-ISSN 2363-7099)

Journal of Biological and Clinical Anthropology

Available online on IngentaConnect. Papers are published online (PrePub) immediately after acceptance and have a citeable CrossRef Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

AA is an international journal of human biology. It publishes original research papers on all fields of human biological research, that is, on all aspects, theoretical and practical of studies of human variability, including clinical anthropology and the application of molecular methods and their tangents to cultural and social anthropology.

Clinical anthropology denotes a growing branch of research within anthropology. It specifically addresses scientific issues of direct or indirect clinical relevance, using the same methods successfully applied in clinical studies. Primary goals of clinical anthropology are e.g. to study biological variation of particular relevance to modern medicine, such as the clinically important variability of human body morphology and physiology. Various state-of-the-art quantitative and diagnostic methods may be used to this end, including e.g. molecular analyses. Clinical anthropology may also cover anthropological perspectives related to public health issues and include socio-economic and behavioural aspects. This sub-field of anthropological research (and teaching) is closely related to or even overlaps with other established disciplines such as evolutionary medicine, physical anthropology, palaeopathology or genetics.
Other than research papers, AA invites the submission of case studies, reviews, technical notes and short reports.
AA is available online, papers must be submitted online to ensure rapid review and publication.

AA welcomes and encourages submission of papers particularly on the following topics:
  • Growth and development: studies on pre- and postnatal growth, with particular interest in aspects of health prevention, psycho-social, socio-economic, and environmental factors, which influence child and adolescent growth and maturation
  • Population genetics: geographical distribution of serological and biochemical markers and morphological and physiological traits.
  • Hominid evolution, palaeoanthropology, historical and forensic anthropology: studies on aDNA, osteology, demography, morphology, biomechanics, isotopes, palaeopathology, archaeology and pathology.
  • Human ethology
  • New methods in anthropology: description, development and application of new or improved methods for studying physical and biochemical traits, in sports and industrial anthropology.

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Publication information

One volume, consisting of 4 issues is published per annum.

Declaration of Helsinki compliance

All studies published in Anthropologischer Anzeiger must have been performed according to the Helsinki statement on proper treatments of human subjects:
All submitted papers must follow the safeguarding principles of Good Scientific Practice. Research involving Human and Animal Subjects must have been approved by the author’s institutional review board. Authors must include, in the Methods section, a brief statement identifying the institutional and/or licensing committee which approved the experiments. For experiments involving human subjects, authors must also include a statement confirming that informed consent was obtained of all subjects. All experiments involving human subjects must have been conducted according to the principles expressed in the Declaration of Helsinki.