Geotectonic Research (ISSN 1864-5658, e-ISSN 2364-2173)

Edited by Gernold Zulauf, Frankfurt

Geotectonic Research publishes peer reviewed papers on structure, tectonics and kinematics of the solid Earth. The contributions from national and international scientific meetings summarize the present state of research.
Key topics are the anatomy of orogenic belts; folds and related structures in rheologically stratified rocks; quantification of paleostress and strain; joints, faults and brittle fractures; neotectonics; intrusive and extrusive structures; microfabrics, deformation mechanisms and rheology of deformed rocks and analogue and numerical modelling of geological structures and processes.

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1-2 volumes are published per annum.

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Chemical Abstracts, Georef, Speleological Abstracts.