Palaeontographica (Vol. 1-77, 1846-1933)

Palaeontographica publishes peer reviewed contributions to paleozoology and paleobotany. Founded in 1846, it is one of the oldest scholarly journals in paleobiology. Its editors include a large number of landmark paleontologists (see history). Its claim to fame were and still arelarge format, high quality plates and careful descriptions and interpretations of source materials of paleontological research.

From 1846 to 1933 paleozoological and paleobotanical papers were published side by side journal. In 1933, the paleobotanical papers were branched off into a separate journal, Palaeontographica Abt. B. The title of the paleozoology part of Paleontographica was correspondingly renamed to Palaeontographica Abt. A (Paleozoology) at the same time.

Palaeontographica Section A

Palaeontographica A (paleozoology) Homepage Publishes papers on paleozoology and stratigraphy.

Palaeontographica Section B

Palaeontographica B (paleobotany) Homepage publishes current contributions to paleobotany.

Palaeontographica Supplements

ISSN: 0085-4611
Palaeontographica also published supplements encompassing papers on individual topics, i.e. the fauna of the Steinheim Basin, Germany.