Palaeontographica A (Paleozoology, Stratigraphy)
(ISSN 0375-0442, e-ISSN 2509-8373)

Palaeontographica Section A publishes peer reviewed results of studies on palaeozoology, paleoecology and biostratigraphy. Its large paper format provides sufficient space for large tables, illustrations, photographs and Palaeontographica’s renowned plates.

Published contributions span all areas of palaeozoology, i.e., systematic, phylogenetic and ecological aspects. Careful peer review ensures the high quality of the papers, covering localities all over the world. Many landmark papers in palaeozoology and biostratigraphy were published in Section A of Palaeontographica. This includes numerous lavishly illustrated monographs of certain groups of fossils and stratigraphic ranges. These monographs, are typical for Paleontographica papers, characterised by numerous highest quality plates and are printed on special high quality paper for excellent reproduction of picture plates.

Palaeontographica Section A has gained recognition with experts ever since and is regarded essential for scientists and institutions active in research or practical work on palaeozoology and biostratigraphy.

Palaeontographica Section A is indexed in:

  • Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE©) including the Web of Science Research Alert
  • Current Contents©/Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences (CC/PC&ES)

Publication information

2-3 volumes are published per annum. 1 volume consists of 1-2 issues.