Palaeontographica Abt. B (Palaeobotany/Palaeophytology)
(ISSN: 2194-900X, e-ISSN 2509-839X)

Section B of Palaeontographica publishes contributions to palaeobotany, i.e. papers on morphological traits, systematics and phylogenetic features of plants as well as papers on palaeoclimatology and palynogeography. Especially worth mentioning are the comprehensive monographs published in Palaeontographica B on specific floras or plant groups. Often palaeoclimatic or stratigraphic problems are clarified by resorting to palaeobotanical data published in Section B of Palaeontographica.

Throughout the last decades, numerous objects important to palaeophytology have been found in many places all over the world. As Palaeontographica publishes papers on floras on any parts of the world to report world-wide research, contributions in German, English and French have been published since the beginning of the journal, today English language publications are preferred.
Palaeontographica B is of interest to palaeobotanists, palynologists, palaeoclimatologists, stratigraphers and the libraries of all institutions engaging in such research.

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Publication information

2-3 volumes are published per annum. 1 volume consists of 1-2 issues.